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Our French Drains service helps keep your home dry by diverting surface water away from its foundation. Let us take care of it for you!
French Drains for Cisco Kid Landscaping Inc. in Lincolnton, NC French Drains for Cisco Kid Landscaping Inc. in Lincolnton, NC French Drains for Cisco Kid Landscaping Inc. in Lincolnton, NC

If you’ve noticed that water is not draining away from your property as it should, or if you have standing water in your yard after a heavy rain, then it’s time to consider having a French drain installed. A French drain is an underground drainage system that helps redirect water away from your home and garden areas. Installing a French drain can help protect your property from the damaging effects of excess standing water.

French drains are designed to be highly effective at collecting and moving surface runoff away from the foundation of the house, preventing damage to walkways and landscaping. The drain also prevents erosion in yards with sloped terrain by allowing excess water to quickly pass through without causing any lasting harm. The installation of a French Drain can also reduce flooding in basements or crawlspaces caused by pooling or overflowing ground water.

The installation process for building a French Drain involves digging trenches around the affected area then filling them with gravel and stones which act as channels for diverting excess surface runoff away from the foundations of your home and into nearby storm sewers or dry wells on lower parts of your property. Professional plumbers are best equipped to handle this type of work so be sure to book their services when considering installing a French Drain system on your property.

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